5 Year Awards

5 Year Awards

Second Annual 5 Year Service Awards Luncheon

The Importance of Loyalty

Loyalty is truly the glue that holds relationships together. Loyalty means there is a dedication and commitment to one another that often touches a deep emotional bond. That bond triggers each one to want to please the other and do his or her best. Relationships rarely last if there is a breach in that bond. We are proud of a group of people we recognized on November 14 who have earned our loyalty by giving us theirs.

Our second annual 5 Year Service Awards Luncheon was held on November 14, 2017 at our main office. Although we have been honoring our service award winners for 38 years, in 2016 we had to separate out our 5-year award winners because of the total group size. It is truly special to able to just honor this great group of people who work in our McDonald’s restaurants. This group consists solely of managers in our restaurants, most of whom started as crew.

Over 40 people were recognized for their service time with our company and with Brand McDonald’s. Those in attendance were treated to a luncheon catered by CBK. It featured a variety of chef-inspired meatloaf and chicken dishes that were the talk of the event. CBK has rapidly become known in Tampa for their quality food and outstanding presentation.

Each area supervisor announced their service award winners at the luncheon. Area Supervisors Ken Smith and Rob Nyegard led the group with six service award winners each.

Blake Casper attended and personally handed each person his or her well-earned Golden Arches 5 year service pin. Afterward Blake addressed the group, talking about the people who make up our foundation. A solid foundation that is built on the commitment and dedication of each person who works under the Arches. This group of people leads out every day in hospitality and quality and creates an environment in which our guests want to return.

We appreciate each and every one of these award winners. Here are the pictures and names of the 5-year winners for 2017. If you know them, please congratulate them on their service milestone.

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