All American Awards Banquet 2019-Tampa

All American Awards Banquet 2019-Tampa

All eleven of our Tampa area supervisors put together a team of the best of the best that challenged our judges and took care of our guests in true All American fashion – with speed, accuracy, quality, hospitality, cleanliness and a positive, can-do spirit.

The Caspers All American competiton is a program that allows the best of the best crew to rise and be recognized as outstanding in their position. It takes a lot of effort, determination, and courage to put themselves on the line as these people do. But the eleven teams of our crew and twenty-two of our managers were willing to do just that as they all competed against one another. Our All Americans are well trained and extremely capable of running high volume hours while delivering exceptional service to our guests.

The eleven teams competed at two restaurants: General Manager Liz Philbrook’s Spruce location for Danielle Andrews’ area supervisor teams and General Manager Dimas Alvarez’s University location for Scott Tuell’s area supervisor teams. Each team was composed of the following: Team Service (4), Drive Thru Runner, Driver Thru Presenter, Drive Thru Cash, Dt Order Taker (2), Fries, Assembly (2), Initiator (2), Grilled Product (2), Buns, Fried Products. Managers controlled the Production and Service areas.

The judges who sorted out the talent were Vice President, Training Manager Robbie Oberle, Human Resource Supervisor Zakee Bailey, Human Resource Communications Manager, Amanda Dubose, Vice President Scott Tuell, Vice President Danielle Andrews, Vice President, and Vice President, Operations Manager Danielle Andrews. Each judge was assigned an area in service or production to judge so they could focus on procedures and team results.

All of our area supervisors are challenged each year to put their teams together from their patch of locations and make sure the crew that are chosen are the best fit for the team. Their general managers and other department managers/assistant managers all work together as coaches to ensure each team member understands their value and functionality on the team. They drill each team member for correct procedures, techniques, and organization all while delivering fast service.

While the All American competition continues to be our premier crew and shift manager program, it is also everyone’s favorite time of the year! We at Caspers believe in the All American program because we value the work that all of our crew and managers do every day delivering fast, accurate, and friendly service to our customers, every day and every time. The All American program recognizes those who do it better than anyone out there, and at Caspers, collectively, we are the best of the best.

The All American Awards Banquet at the Florida Aquarium in downtown Tampa was a great experience for over three hundred and seventy-five Caspers employees and friends. This was a perfect venue to reveal the winners of the twenty different All American positions. The teams showed up to find out the winners as Vice Presidents of Operations, Danielle Andrews and Scott Tuell announced the winning positions and overall winning team. Congrats to Nick Liddic and his Ninjas for winning 1st place overall top team. The All American program is a lesson in excellence, and that is what we strive for at Caspers. We are already looking forward to the next All American competition and banquet! Take a look at the rest of this year’s winners!

Peter’s Patriots – Supervisor Team 3rd place
Ami’s Army – Supervisor Team 2nd Place
Nick’s Ninjas – Supervisor Team 1st Place
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