Becky’s Beasts All American 2019

Becky’s Beasts All American 2019

Meet Becky’s Beasts Team of All Americans! This year is Area Supervisor Becky Boamah’s first turn in the All American ring, but the team brought a ton of smiles, energy, and talent to the table. The Beasts are ready to prove that it is more than just beginner’s luck that will help them win first place!

While the All American competition continues to be our premier crew and shift manager program, it is also everyone’s favorite time of the year! We at Caspers believe in the All American program because we value the work that all of our crew and managers do every day delivering fast, accurate, and friendly service to our customers, every day and every time. The All American program recognizes those who do it better than anyone out there, and at Caspers, collectively, we are the best of the best.

There are 20 positions being judged on this years All American competition lineup. This includes: four in Team Service, Drive Thru Runner, Drive Thru Presenter, two Drive Thru Order Takers, Drive Thru Back Cash Person, two Production Initiators, two Assemblers, two Grill positions, a Bun person, a Service Manager and a Production Manager. This year’s All American Judges include: Vice President, Education Robbie Oberle and Human Resource Manager Zakee Bailey both judging Service positions, and judging Production positions are Communications/HR Manager Amanda DuBose and IT Specialist Crystal Dortch. Vice President, Operations Manager Danielle Andrews and Scott Tuell are the judges for the All American managers this year.

The Tampa All American banquet will be held at the Aquarium on July 23 which is a new and exciting venue for this event. The All American program is a lesson in excellence, and that is what we strive for at Caspers. We are looking forward to the final banquet and announcing the winners!

Team #5470 Broadway
Team #7393 I-4/M.L.K
Team #10187 Falkenburg
Team #13754 Lumsden
Becky’s Beasts All American 2019
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