Caspers Service Company Awards for 2017

Caspers Service Company Awards for 2017

By Vice President, Director of Operations Valerie Driggers

The year of 2017 was one of the biggest years of growth for CSC since 2009.  This year, 2018, will mark our 10th anniversary since starting Caspers Service Company and making Blake’s dream a reality.  His vision was to create a service provider that is different than everyone else, a company that cares about their customers, provides fast same day service, and gives 100% every day and with every visit.

CSC was fortunate enough to add 27 talented new people in 2017 who will help to take CSC to the next level of excellence and drive profits and customer counts forward.   With this incredible expansion came two brand new divisions to the CSC team, Caspers Foodservice Design and COX Construction and Electrical division. These additions will extend the ability for CSC to continue to be the “one stop shop” for our customers.  We are heading into 2018 with a team of more than a 110 people dedicated to the continued standard of excellence that the Casper name embodies. CSC will challenge all others to deliver the quality and expertise that we represent every day.

CSC was privileged to celebrate the 2017 awards at the Caspers Company office again this year. We were blessed with the continued support from Vice President, Human Resources Kim Scott, Human Resources Manager Zakee Bailey and Vice President, Education Robbie Oberle in making it a success.  They go above and beyond every time to help make our awards a triumph as we celebrate the best of the best.   They exemplify the feeling of family within all of Blake’s companies, and we are very thankful for their help.

Please join me in congratulating our 2017 CSC Award winners who went above and beyond last year to help CSC continue to be the very best they can be.  Our 2017 CSC Techs of the Year awards went to Jason Latimer (CSC), Daniel Plummer (CSC Construction), Horacio Naranjo (CSC Construction), and Adriano Perez (COX Sign Install).   The CSC 2017 Rookie of the Year awards went to Habacuc Nery (CSC) and Matthew Higgins (CSC Construction).  Making a Difference CSC awards went to James Andrews (CSC Orlando) and Kris Kennedy (COX). Recognizing the integrity and hard work that has been put into building this great company is a privilege, and we are so very honored to be a part of this every day.

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