Grand Re-Opening Mandarin McDonald’s #6737

Grand Re-Opening Mandarin McDonald’s #6737

By Community Relations Manager Dustin Portillo

Sunday, June 23, 2019 was the Grand Re-Opening celebration of our Mandarin McDonald’s in Jacksonville. This was the last Grand Re-Opening for the foreseeable future and as such completes the four remodels or rebuilds of our Jacksonville restaurants in less than twelve months. We began the remodel journey in October 2018 with the St. Johns Bluff location getting a full remodel, then the 103rd Street restaurant in December of 2018; next was the Lem Turner restaurant in February of 2019, and lastly in June of 2019 with a complete rebuild from the ground up, was the Mandarin McDonald’s. These MRPs gave the Jacksonville community McDonald’s a new fresh look and each showcased our Caspers “Image of Excellence”.

At the Grand-Re-Opening Celebration, our Smile Ambassadors were in full force creating those Caspers Cares memories for kids and families one smile, one interaction at a time. We had lots of games, prizes, face painting, balloon twisting; the music was provided by 95.1 WAPE radio station, whose DJs also gave away prizes on the air. A member of Jacksonville City Council attended along with deputies from Jacksonville Sheriff Office and the staff from Ronald McDonald House.

We in the Caspers Community Relations Department would like to thank all of the teams that have been directly affected by the ‘amazingness’ that has ensued in your restaurants in Jacksonville! It has been nothing but awe-inspiring to see the level of professionalism from those involved and their “all-in” attitude on the day of the events. Also, a huge shout out to the Caspers Operations team for their leadership in helping GENERATE HAPPINESS.

Till next time, we’ll see you down the road.

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