Meet Director of Finance Rachael Cagle

Meet Director of Finance Rachael Cagle

   Rachael Cagle

Originally, I am from just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Go Steelers! I now reside in Tampa with my husband and son. I am also a proud U.S.F. alumna and certified management accountant. Before joining Caspers Company, I worked with a food and beverage service supplier and had spent the last ten years there as a corporate controller. While there I oversaw all accounting functions for over 150 locations in over 30 states and Canadian provinces. I also had the pleasure of working with Caspers’ current Chief Financial Officer Adrienne Hanson during my time there.

Something to know about me is that I am a complete Christmas junkie! I have a count down to the very special day all year, and it’s not unusual for me to listen to Christmas music during any time of the year. Anything that has to do with ribbon, bows, or wrapping presents, count me in! A funny memory I have is one year during a trip to Fort DeSoto Beach, my husband lost his wedding ring in the water, but lucky for us there was a local metal detecting club that we were able to contact. The next day the group was able to find his ring in less than an hour. Thank goodness!

Currently I am Caspers Company’s director of finance, and my focus is in strategic planning, analysis, and project management. I am super excited for the new opportunity here at Caspers. The warm welcome and family like atmosphere has been a breath of fresh air.

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