Meet General Manager Dianelys Escobar

Meet General Manager Dianelys Escobar

Dianelys Escobar

I originally started working at the Waters Avenue store as crew on the grill, then after two weeks, they trained me on the assembly table which was my best position. One day my general manager decided to put me in present. What a day that was! I was extremely nervous, but after that day I was never put back on grill

My manager at the time taught me how to become an order taker. Then, I entered the All American competition and won two years in a row. After that, my area supervisor promoted me to assistant manager. I became the night shift manager at Waters Avenue, then continued to grow in my role. I was promoted to the Guest Service Department manager, then to Kitchen Department Manager.

My area supervisor, Donna Peters, asked me if I was interested in becoming a general manager, and I was! I had to relocate to the West Hills location, but I cried like a baby because I was leaving Waters Avenue where I started. Later, I was transferred to Town n’ Country, then to Florida Avenue, then to Interbay where I was first was promoted to general manager. I am now back at my home running the Waters Avenue store #6179.

One of the reasons I came to work for Caspers is because my mother worked at the Waters Avenue McDonald’s®, and then my sister came to work for Caspers as well. My mom now works at the Town n’ Country McDonald’s, and my sister is the general manager at the Oldsmar store #3135.

When I was 18 years old, I came from Cuba with my parents and two sisters. I’m very close with my family. I live with my boyfriend and my five-year-old son who means the world to me. In my free time, I like to watch TV, cook, dance, have family gatherings at my mom’s house, and eat a lot. I’m also very quiet until you get to know me.

I have learned so much from each store that I worked at and also gained a lot of friends and family. This was the best decision ever to make Caspers Company my career. Thank you so much to all the people who helped me through my journey, too many people to name, but I appreciate you all, thank you again!

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