Meet General Manager Erin De Mendoza

Meet General Manager Erin De Mendoza

Five years ago, I was hired at the Waters Avenue location by then Assistant Manager Yesy Cruz to be a night shift crew member. When I started, the language barrier was very difficult for me since I did not know a lot of English. Though after training in the grill area for about six months, I started to develop skills with each passing day. Then my night shift manager, Dianelys Escobar gave me the chance to train up front in the service area, starting in the drive thru present window. With that, I started to understand more English and even learned more about the business.

After being with Caspers Company for eight months, I was promoted to a crew trainer. One day, General Manager Dimas Alvarez pulled me aside, and we talked about the kind of future I could have with the company. Then about six months later, I was promoted to shift manager and began to have great results running all sorts of different shifts from opening to overnight.

One year went by, and I was moved up to department manager, first starting with the kitchen department and then to guest service. I successfully ran both of those departments, even breaking Waters Avenue store sales records a couple of times, and I was promoted to my third department, people. When some general managers in our patch went on vacations, I was asked to cover their stores. This helped me prove to my area supervisor that I was serious about growing within Caspers and wanted to keep moving up.

After four years with the company, I was transferred to the University location, and was not there for very long before I got the opportunity to become a general manager. Now, I am the general manager for the Eiland location in Wesley Chapel where I have been for only a short time, but I have loved every minute of being here.

Joining  Caspers Company has given me the chance to develop the knowledge and skills that I need to be successful. This job has taught me that no matter your circumstances, as long as you work hard and prove yourself, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. Thank you to all of those who have helped me get to where I am now. I still have a lot to learn, but I will never stop trying to be the best.

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