Meet the General Manager Jeremy LaBoy

Meet the General Manager Jeremy LaBoy

I come from a family of three children. My sister Vanessa was adopted into our family when she and I were just seventeen years old, and my older brother Abraham LaBoy Jr, is seven years older than I. We were born from two wonderful parents, Ruti LaBoy-Soto and Abraham LaBoy. At an early age, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease she has been fighting her whole life. She is the strongest woman I know battling cancer three times and has beat it back into remission every time. She has taught me that ‘never say die’ attitude, and even if we fall, make mistakes, damage ourselves in the process, there is no amount of anything in this world that we can’t put our soul into and bounce back from. A little known fact, well… maybe very well known as much as I brag about it, is that my girlfriend Tatiana and I have welcomed a baby girl on August 9th, Emma Cristina Ruti LaBoy! I am beyond ecstatic to meet her and grow with my new family.

One funny incident during Hurricane Irma and the reopening of Waters Ave. restaurant on our first day back Erin, Dimas, Angie, and I had opened our doors for just a moment before deciding it was best to keep it Drive-Thru only. Our General Manager Dimas Alvarez had told us not to open the doors back up because it was just too hectic. But as soon as Dimas went to check on something in the back, Erin opened the doors anyway, which began the craziest day ever. I look back on that day with such fond memories because we broke a sales record for Waters!

I began my career with McDonald’s® when I was nineteen years old for a different operator, Illas Management. I worked for them for about four years and reached the position of first assistant manager, but then made the switched to work for Caspers in 2013. I started my career at the Town n’ Country location with General Manager Ken Smith. After six months, I had worked my way up to management and then to RDM 1 Guest Services at the West Hills location. After a year in Guest Services, I was promoted to an RDM 2 People Manager back at the Town n’ Country restaurant. I also worked at Minnehaha and Waters Ave. where I grew even further as a manager, thanks to the instructions given to me by my general managers and Supervisor Donna Peters.

I took a one year break from McDonald’s. I worked for Toys ‘R’ Us earning many awards in the sales division, but soon I began to miss where I truly belonged. In April 2017, I returned to Caspers Company as an RDM 2 for Waters Ave. After a fantastic eight months, in December of 2017 I was promoted to RDM 3 in the Kitchen Department. After only two months, I was given the greatest opportunity I had ever been given, to be promoted to general manager of #701 Armenia, a position I have filled for six months now.

I would just like to say that working for Caspers Company hasn’t just been fun and helpful to my growth as a person, but it has been a life changing experience. From being able to help my mother more than I ever could before, to meeting Tatiana, having a baby of our own, and meeting friends I will have for a life time, it has been the greatest experience of my life. My area supervisors Donna Peters, Cathy Bracey, and now Marc Dortch have molded me into someone better. Operations managers like Danielle Andrews, Cedric Christopher, and now Scott Tuell, no matter how many times I fall flat on my face, they still pick me up, dust me off and push me to get even better. Thank you to Blake and Allison for this opportunity, and I will try to make every person in my corner proud of who I become over time with this company.

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