People Week 2019

People Week 2019

We Are Who We Are Because of You

By Human Resources Manager Zakee Bailey

We at Caspers Company understand how important our people are, and this year is no exception as we celebrated everything people from March 4-10, 2019. Every day during this week, our leadership teams took the opportunity to show their people how much they are appreciated. The activities varied from wearing wild socks, crazy hats, or your favorite team jerseys days to candy, pizza, and potluck days. Some stores even invited their crews’ families to join in the festivities.

We at Caspers put the focus on our people during People Week with crew meetings where our management teams communicated changes in benefits and discussed various programs like food safety as well as upcoming events like the exciting All American Competition which highlights the best of the best in our company and rewards top performers.

We at Caspers know that we are only as successful as our people. So as you bring to work the desire to make the customers’ experiences today better than their experiences yesterday, know that you are allowing yourselves, and thereby all of us, to be more successful. We absolutely cannot succeed without you. And for this, we sincerely, “Thank You”.

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