Meet General Manager in Training Melissa King

Meet General Manager in Training Melissa King

By: Amanda DuBose, HR Communications Manager

Our McFamily is filled with numerous outstanding contributors, diligent workers, and driven team members. Occasionally you hear a story and BOOM you just have to brag! I sat down with one of our GM trainees in Jacksonville a couple weeks ago to hear about how she accomplishes all of the above!

GM in Training Melissa King

Melissa King has been working for McDonald’s® for almost 14 years, and we were very excited when she chose to join the Caspers Company team once we expanded to Jacksonville in June 2018. She has been a member in the Army Reserves since 2007, and boy does she mean business! Melissa recently graduated from the Academy with bachelors degree in Business Management and secondary degree in Theology. She worked as an HR Specialist with the Army for 13 years and has accomplished a total of three tours, two in Germany and one in Kuwait. As if that is not impressive enough we haven’t even mentioned her recent McDonald’s victories!

Melissa just recently returned from a week at Hamburger University in Chicago, and her leadership qualities and ‘Get it Done’ personality made her mark there as well! She came back home with the Team Award and an abundance of knowledge that she was ready to put into action! She said her biggest takeaway from HU was, “I always need to take care of my people. If I take care of them, they will take care of me”, she responds. That is a Casperized quote if I have ever heard one! When I asked her why she thinks she has been so successful in these areas, she responds with, ” I enjoy discovering the leader in myself.” I have to say, others have noticed her leadership qualities as well.

Melissa King at HU-Ray Kroc Quote

After hearing of Melissa’s past, it came as no surprise to hear of the goals for her future. While getting her own store as a general manager is her immediate goal, she plans on becoming an area supervisor and eventually a owner/operator herself with her own locations to manage. Melissa says her big goal, however, is to achieve the Ray Kroc award. She has her eyes set on it, and if I learned anything from Melissa, she will put in 100% to reach it! Thank you for your service to our country and your dedication to the Caspers Company family, Melissa. We are very proud to have you on our team!

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