Meet Wal-Mart SPOD Manager Khadiyah (Harvey) Jones

Meet Wal-Mart SPOD Manager Khadiyah (Harvey) Jones

By: Human Resource Manager Zakee Bailey

Khadiyah Harvey Jones

Khadiya is originally from
Greenwood, a very small town in Mississippi. Before she moved to Florida she used to work for a McDonald’s franchise in Mississippi for about two years. When Khadiya moved to Tampa she found both a job and a home at Caspers.

Khadiya has two amazing sons, Imaria Harvey and Detorrence Harvey. Imari is 24 years old, and he is a manager for Caspers Company also. Datorrence Harvey is 21 years old, and he is in school working towards a college degree. She also has two beautiful grandbabies. One is seven years old and the other is two years old. Khadiya has been married to her wonderful husband for one year, and this important milestone has changed her life. In her spare time, Khadiya loves to watch her grandchildren play football, basketball, baseball, and run track. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and watching him play softball.

Khadiya is looking for growth in the company and working to become a great general manager. Khadiya also enjoys the McFamily love that Caspers Company shows her. She is quoted as saying, “My role in the company is to be a good leader and a motivational team player!” Khadiya has a bright future ahead of her as this is just the beginning of her growth in Caspers!

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