By Vice President, Community Relations Bob Conigliaro
Paint Your Heart Out Tampa

For decades, volunteers from Caspers Company have assembled a team to paint one of the 100 homes selected by the City of Tampa annually for their PAINT YOUR HEART OUT TAMPA day.  This year we painted the home of Donald Craig at 3223 West Paxton Avenue.  He is a Gulf War Veteran and a proud United States Marine.  His house needed a significant dose of TLC and we brought it by the carload on Saturday morning, April 13t at 8:00 AM.

Our HR Administrator Mary Martinez was the designated food mule for the day.  She was the first to arrive at 8:00 AM with hot coffee and breakfast sandwiches prepared perfectly by store #86 Team South Dale.  This nourished our paint cells and motivated us into slather mode.

Ever since our past Executive Vice President, Facilities Ken Foster, Sr. asked Joe Sadler and his painting company to help us paint our first PYHOT home many years ago, he has been there with us every year.  Joe Sadler and his crew ALWAYS do 95% of the work and are eager to help in any capacity that they are needed, including sweeping, raking, woodworking, tree trimming, and general stuff moving.  Their professionalism and painting talent combined with the best equipment the industry offers makes light work out of a heavy job.

At 11:00 AM, Mary reappeared with freshly made Cuban sandwiches from Charlie’s Market.  As we gathered for lunch, a toast was made to remember Ken Foster, Sr. who passed away a few years ago and to Kenny, the Sadler team painter we sadly lost last year when heart failure took him while on a paint job with his fellow painters and friends. They are both greatly missed.

By 12:30 PM we were done including clean-up and check-off.  Oh boy, what a transition!  The home seemed to smile like a lady in a beautiful, new dress.  We proudly hung a brand new American flag on our veteran’s home for which he returned a heartfelt thank you, a salute, and a tear of gratitude.

Our thanks to the worker bees who gave up a chunk of their day off to give back to our community:

Vice President, Community Relations, ‘Big Brush’ Bob Conigliaro
CSC Operations Supervisor, ‘Roller’ Riana Conigliaro
Human Resource Administrator, Mary ‘Mule’ Martinez
CSC Technician, Walden ‘Cut-In’ Wagner
Accounts Payable Specialist, Sandra ‘The Slatherer’ Cappuccilli
Son of The Slatherer, ‘Low Sheen’ Logan Cappuccilli
Brother of the Slatherer, Joe ‘Overspray Oberle
Son of Big Brush and Brother of Roller, ‘Re-Coat’ Ryan Conigliaro
Re-Coat’s Best Coat, Megan ‘Satin’ Stevens
Re-Coat’s Business Partner, Scott ‘Semi-Gloss’ Roberts
Cox Electric, Carlos ‘Acrylic’ Aquino
Cox Electric, Derek ‘Wide Stroke’ Williams

Team Sadler Painting Company
Joe ‘El Jefe’ Sadler,   Jonathan ‘Jeffelito’ Sadler,   Bill ‘Bulkhead’ James,   
Lee ‘Lacquer’ Jones, Miguel ‘Drop Cloth’ Diaz,   Etiam ‘Enamel’ Nodarse,   Camilo ‘Masking’ Martinez

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