What is Ourlounge?

What is Ourlounge?

By Human Resource Manager Zakee Bailey

McDonald’s® has invented a way to stay connected and informed as an employee. Ourlounge is similar to Facebook as it is a digital communication tool that is all about your restaurant. On Ourlounge there is a way for you to get any of your questions answered about our products.

Managers will be able to share updates about the restaurant on this page as well. Managers will also be able to post pictures from different events that are going on at their restaurants. Restaurants will be able to post their employees’ schedules on Ourlounge. This is going to make it convenient to access your schedule from the palm of your hand.

Employees are also able to enjoy the discounts available to them from using Ourlounge. McD Perks is easily accessible through Ourlounge as well as a 30% discount available to employees on food items. The 30% discount is for use at participating McDonald’s® and can be used when you are with your family.

Employees are also able to access education benefit information from McDonald’s® Archways to Opportunities™ through the Ourlounge app. Ourlounge is an awesome way to stay informed and stay engaged so take a minute and check it out! Download the mobile application free of cost today from your Apple® or Android app store.


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